Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#rpgaday Twenty Six

(Five to go.  I think I'm actually going to complete this.)

Coolest Character Sheet

Oh lordy...

Here's the deal: my gaming heritage starts with some early AD&D, then takes a fork to RuneQuest/Call of Cthulhu/Stormbringer, and then spends two decades with the Hero System. You know what those games are all notable for?  I'll give you a hint, it's not having characters you can fit on an index card.  For most of my gaming career, information overload was the name of the game.  As a result, pretty character sheets don't really light my jets. Give me all the information I need, in a format where I can access it when I need it, and I'm happy.

Hmm...by that criteria, I guess Hero Lab's "In Play" feature would qualify.  But let's not say that.

Note that I'm not against pretty character sheets out of hand, just that I'm more of a fan of utility.  And now that I'm thinking of it, there is one that I find appeals to both my sense of design and efficiency.  It's the basic sheet for first edition Legend of the Five Rings.  I like it.  Let's say that one.

My opinion might be different had I ever played the game.

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  1. The distinction between aesthetics and functionality is key. There are useful character sheets, and there are pleasant-looking sheets. They don't often overlap.

    It's interesting how much of a resemblance to an early Storyteller sheet that L5R sheet bears.