Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12 for 12 #s 6 and 7

I slipped up and lost track of what day it was, so I missed getting #6 out on time. So, here's both 6 and 7

#6 Do you follow any particular RPG authors? Which RPG authors have works you admire, and what are their stand-out pieces of work?

So many. Sooo many. Aaron Allston, Greg Stafford, Sandy Peterson, Shane Hensley, Steve Kenson, Steve Perrin, Robin D. Laws, Ken Hite, and so many more. Thanks to the internet, a fair number of them are friends or at least friendly acquaintances, so I don't follow them in the same way I did when I was younger.

As for stand-out works? Sheesh, try finding the stuff that doesn't stand out. It's an easier task.

#7 Is there an RPG genre which you sort of like but gives you severe mental blocks? What do you like about it? What are your mental blocks?

Horror, maybe? I'm definitely not good at it. It's a genre I enjoy in theory more than in practice (like, most horror movies and novels are NOT FOR ME), but I appreciate it at a remove. And that's probably my core problem. Because I don't particularly enjoy being scared, I'm no good at running horror, and anything I try ends up being more of an exercise in Urban Fantasy, where the protagonists actually have a chance against the scary bits.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

12 for 12 #5

You’re running a historical or alt-historical game. What place and time in history do you choose? Are you including fantastical elements of any sort, and if so, what?

Well, as it happens, I'm currently planning to run a supers one-shot set in the so-called Golden Age of comics. Supers +  WWII = Alt-History. That said, it's just a one-shot, not a lengthy campaign, so there's not a lot of decision-making for this one: take some superheroes and give them Nazis to punch. Easy. And honestly, if I'm going to run a Golden Age campaign, my primary concern is making sure the tone and genre tropes I invoke reflect the source material. There's a significant difference between Golden Age Supers and World War II With Superhumans. The former is a very four-color supers game with Nazi-punching, the latter is GODLIKE, and far more of an alt-history setting than Golden Age goofiness. And while I admire GODLIKE, it's not really my idea of fun these days. So, let's talk about something with more history and less supers.

I'd dearly love to run a game someday set in the first half of the 17th century, in western Europe. The age of pike and shot and the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War and all that. It's a wonderful setting for RPGs because it was such an awful time to be alive. :)  Whether or not I use fantastical elements would probably be down to the players' wishes. I'd rather not go the 7TH SEA route, but I could certainly make a go of something less blatantly magical like ALL FOR ONE: REGIME DIABOLIQUE, but I'd be just as happy playing a game of gritty soldiering in the world of Captain Alatriste (I pray for an English translation of the Spanish RPG some day), or the intrigues and dueling of FLASHING BLADES. A few years ago, I ran a one-shot of HONOR & INTRIGUE with no magic at all and it was a blast. So magic is hardly necessary for my enjoyment.