Friday, August 8, 2014

#rpgaday Day 8

Favorite Character:

Finally, a no-brainer.  It's Troubadour.  Definitely Troubadour, my almost washed-up superhero in Justin Davis’ “Fair City” Champions campaign.  A former child-star who took up superheroing to stay in the limelight, who legally changed his name to Troubadour.  He started off rough.  His career was on the downswing, he was considered a local joke, and he didn’t even take himself all that seriously.  But a new team of heroes roped him in and convinced him his experience was worthwhile.  He grew into the job, got his life together, and ended up leading the team. 

The best thing about him was the Troubadour Revenge Squad, a collective of female supervillains who’d all been spurned by him at one point or another.  Some of them actually went out and acquired superpowers after he hurt them.  His best character arc as far as I’m concerned was his romance with Gorgon, an NPC heroine, where he finally grew up and put his playboy ways behind him.  When her secret ID was compromised and her career destroyed, he opted to put Fair City behind him stood beside her on a journey that took him out of the campaign.  He remains the only character I've ever voluntarily retired, because his story was over.

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