Sunday, August 10, 2014

#rpgaday Day Ten

Favorite Tie-In Novel/Game Fiction

Ed Greenwood's Spellfire, a D&D tie-in novel from 1988, featuring Mr. Greenwood's greatest contribution to the world of fantasy gaming, The Forgotten Realms.  Spellfire is, in all honesty, not a very good book.  The characters are straight out of Central Casting.  The plot, while fairly straightforward is interspersed with a lot of "Meanwhile, one hundred miles away..." moments.  Coincidence reigns supreme.  Nudity and titillation are used as substitution for dialogue.

And yet, the book has its charms.  The Realms began as Greenwood's home campaign, and Spellfire provides the reader with a look at something close to his original vision, without the layers of editorial mandate and marketing rewrites.  It gives a sense of place, of actual danger, something many complained later iterations of the Realms lacked.  In that respect, it's possibly the best book to come out of the early Forgotten Realms novels.  His Realms are a labor of love and reading this novel every few years is comfort food for my soul.  So, despite its many flaws, it's certainly my favorite.

Honorable Mention:  Nigel Findlay’s 2XS, a brilliant Shadowrun tie-in.

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