Saturday, August 9, 2014

#rpgaday Day Nine

Favorite Dice

This picture is about two years old.  The collection has only grown since.

So yeah, I own a lot of dice.  I still have a few of the original TSR crap dice (though I gave one to Wil Wheaton at Gen Con a few years back).  I have specialty dice for FATE and Star Wars and Ubiquity.  I have loose dice from every decade of the hobby.  I have enough weird dice to stand a table of Dungeon Crawl Classics players.

I have a lot of dice.

What I don’t really have are a favorite set rather than a set of superstitions surrounding my “primary” set of polyhedrals.  Said dice must fit the following criteria:

  • Green with white numbering.
  • Numbers, not pips.
  • Translucent green.
  • All must be the same color, numbering style, and dimensions (in the case of multiple dice).  Generally, this means they need to be from the same manufacturer.  Currently, this is Chessex.
  • When I decide to replace them, I buy an entirely new set.

Most importantly, they have to reside in my dice bag, which is black suede and was a gift from my youngest brother, Xmas 1981.  That bag in turn lives in the courier bag I take with me pretty much everywhere.

For my d6s, I have fewer superstitions other than I like them all to look the same.  Chessex bricks are great for that.

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