Monday, August 4, 2014

#rpgaday Day Four:

Most Recent RPG Purchase

I was going to write about The Valiant Universe RPG.  I love superhero games and, even though I actually play very few rules sets, it’s almost impossible for me to pass one up. Particularly if it gets good buzz.  The Valiant Universe game seems to have that going on.  I’ll admit, there are things that make my Traditional Gamer very confused, and that I’ve mostly spent my time since buying it reading Valiant comics to absorb the setting.

But here's the thing.  I wrote all that a few days ago, because I had to bank a few entries in advance to make sure I could post on a regular basis, and in the intervening time, I bought something else.  Cosmic Patrol, which uses the same rules engine as Valiant.  I’ve not read much beyond the setting background so far, but it’s pretty nifty.

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