Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update Called On Account Of Very Bad Evening

Involving a dead car battery, my wife's car getting rear-ended, and a knee injury.  All of which also kept me from playing Pathfinder tonight.


  1. I think God may be trying to tell you something. Maybe he wants you to go back to 1st ed?

  2. Hey, it's first edition Pathfinder. That's gotta count for something, right? :-D

    Funny thing is, our Pathfinder game is, despite the rules, fairly old-school and sandboxy. We're present at the Dawn of the Temple of Elemental Evil, wreaking havoc among those who would occupy Hommlet. Our GM loves to spring old school monsters on us; at the moment, I think we're having to deal with every mold, slime, and spore based monster in the original MM and FF.

    Heck, last week, I managed to get a blaster from some Vegepygmies who'd traded with the Barrier Peaks.

  3. Ha. Theron get better my man. Hope everything is cool so you can get back to slinging dice. Better a knee injury than a wrist injury.