Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gone To The Dogs

Anyone who's been following this blog for any amount of time knows I read comics. Lots of comics.  In the past 30 years, I've pretty much read every sort of superhero comic that's seen publication: goofy, gritty, deconstructive, reconstructive, you name it.  I don't automatically love or hate any particular era of comics history: there were a lot of terrible Golden and Silver Age comics, and some truly brilliant examples of the genre in the so-called Iron Age.

What appeals to me the most is something that Alan Moore called "Mad, Beautiful Ideas."  The essential crazy things that can only exist and flourish in the world of the comic-book superhero.  This guy here, mentioned in my previous character's history, is one of my contributions to that particular element.
Not quite accurate, but I can't draw a 3-headed dog.

Dr. Cereberus


Prowess  2
Coordination  3
Strength  2
Intellect  10
Awareness  6
Willpower  6

Stamina  8
Determination  2

  SCIENCE! Master
  Medicine Master
  Languages Master

  Telekinesis 5
  Mind Shield 6
  Telepathy 6

  The Science Dog, The Canine Einstein
  Connections : EUREKA
  Motivation : Mankind's Best Friend
  Catchphrase : "Back off human, I'm a SCIENTIST!"

  Social : Dog (albeit a world-reknowned one)
  Enemy : HADES
  Weakness : No manipulative limbs; must use TK or technology to compensate.

Point Total  55

If he had a normal puppy-hood, Dr. Cereberus doesn't remember it.  Bred and mutated by HADES to be a symbolic weapon, he was found in the wreckage of a laboratory destroyed by the Olympians.  Rescued by Dr. Archimedes, the pup found himself in the hands of heroes instead of evil-doers, a fact that had everything to do with his growing up to be Man's Best Friend.  After a few weeks with the Olympians, Cereberus (as he was called at the time) developed the ability to speak. In fact, each of his heads developed its own voice and personality.  All, however, were brilliant. By the time he was five, Cereberus was now Dr. Cereberus, as each head earned its own Ph.D.  Never suited to superheroics, he devoted himself to all forms of scientific endeavor, seeking to better the world for mankind at every turn.


  1. I saw that you mentioned "comics" in a blog-roll and came by for a visit. Your Dr. Cereberus leads me to ask, read any Poul Anderson lately? (Brain Wave) Have a good one!

  2. @Chris: Nope, I think the last Anderson I picked up was a re-read of "Three Hearts and Three Lions" a few years back. I've never read any of his SF.

    Dr. Cereberus was inspired by three things: Cosmo the dog from Marvel's recent "Guardians of the Galaxy" series, a typo in a campaign background I was working on with a friend (he meant to type "Cerberus"), and, when discussing it with my wife, she said "Three heads, three Ph.D.s." Thus was he conceived.

  3. You should check out Brain Wave it was Anderson's first novel. It doesn't have any three headed dogs but it does have lots of hyper-intelligent animals.