Sunday, July 10, 2011

Everyone Watches Huachu

One of the joys of ICONS is that random character generation is the default assumption.  As a long-time Champions guy, I'm used to character creation being an immaculate construction job.  The first step is coming up with the character concept, then tailoring everything to get it just right.  And while ICONS can and does accommodate a point-build system, I'm loving the fact that the random generation system forces me to use an entirely different set of creative muscles. Fedora Noir was custom-built, but Blight was the result of looking at a pile of random results and saying, "OK, what do I do with this?"

As was this guy.


Prowess  5
Coordination  3
Strength  6
Intellect  3
Awareness  8
Willpower  4

Stamina  10
Determination  *

  Weapons Master (Throwing)

  Binding Device 4  - Bolas

  Host and Star of "El Juego Más Peligroso"
  The World's Greatest Hunter
  "Your Powers Are No Match For My Skills."

  Carries Grudges
  Always Plays To The Camera

In our world, famous actors go to Japan and shoot cheesy TV commercials. On Earth-Meridian, superheroes appear on "El Juego Más Peligroso" ("The Most Dangerous Game") a cheesy reality show in which they are hunted by the star of the show, a man known only as Huachu (a Quecha word meaning "Orphan.")  On the show, the heroes are wined and dined by their gracious host, then set loose on the grounds of his Amazon preserve, to face the perils of the wild as well as the host himself, as he endeavors to hunt down his guests, armed only with his wits, his tracking and trapping skills, and a set of bolas, the traditional hunting tool of the Patagonian gauchos.

The show became a huge hit in South and Central America and is now syndicated on Spanish language channels in the US, a fact that actually made it a bit more difficult to attract guests.  Desperate to keep the show going Huachu has taken to kidnaping superhumans to provide "guests" for his show.  While it's all still fun and games as far as he's concerned, his arrogance is almost certainly going to push things over the edge.

(In "Meridian - The Motion Picture," Huachu is portrayed by "The Most Interesting Man In The World.")

Considering I looked at the initial results and had no clue what I was going to do with him, I think he came out pretty well.


  1. This guy reminds me of my old Nero Steelgrave villain (who I also turned into a PC in a Chill game that went nowhere). Good stuff!