Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super-Adaptation Powers, Activate!

One of the real beauties of the ICONS system is the ease with which one can convert and adapt characters from other games and media.  The loose rules, combined with the Aspects allow for a lot of tailoring and wiggle room that captures the spirit of the characters in broad strokes.

For today, rather than doing another random character, I'm going with an adaptation.  In some respects, an adaptation of an adaptation.  I ran this character briefly in a M&M 3rd Edition game this past spring.  But I actually thought her up a few months earlier.  For the game, she actually came out a lot more powerful than I'd planned due to the vagaries of a point-based system, but in ICONS she comes out pretty solid without having a lot of extraneous stuff.  For M&M, she had a different origin (in fact, her origin took place in the first session) and background.  For this, I've returned her to her original roots.

Immaterial Girl

Prowess  5
Coordination  6
Strength  4
Intellect  4
Awareness  6
Willpower  5

Stamina  9
Determination  5


  Acrobatics Expert
  Martial Arts
  Pilot (Spacecraft)
  Science (Astronomy)
  Stealth Expert

  Phasing 8
    Affect world while phased

  Catchphrase : "You're stuck here in the material world, but I am Immaterial Girl!"
  Motivation : Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, And Kicking Villain Butt IS Fun!
  Identity : Kaylee! (Famous extraterrestrial)

  Social : Stuck In The 80s, Out Of Sync With Current Culture
  Rival: Cosmo-Lass
  Weakness : Strong Magnetic Fields

Point Total  45

My origin?  Ohmygawd, how many times do I have to tell you this story?  I mean, gag me...

Anyway...I was born on San Dimas.  No, not IN San Dimas, that's a city on your world.  I was born ON San Dimas, it's this totally nowhere planet about 35 light years from Earth.  Seriously, it was totally gross.  No decent malls or anything.  The only good thing was that my dad was like this important astronomer guy, so we had this massive satellite dish in our back yard instead of a swimming pool.  Most of the time, the dish picked up noise, but it we pointed it at this one spot in the sky, we got this thing called EmpteeVee, which was from Earth.  And it was like, totally bitchin!  And I was like, "Dad, we need to go there for vacation," and he was all like, "No can do, Princess." (He totally called me princess.)  It was like totally too far and we didn't have the technology to get there.  No fair!

So one day, these gnarly dudes called the Klinzhai showed up.  They were like space bullies and they wanted our lunch money or something.  As if.  But they were like totally buff and had guns and bombs and totally wrecked San Dimas.  One day, I was at my school, trying to explain EmptyVee music to my friends (they totally didn't get it) when a bomb went off.  It destroyed the school and hurt and killed a lot of people, which was pretty sad even though they WERE lame, but get this: I DIDN'T GET HURT AT ALL!  At first, I was like "Ohmygawd! I'm a ghost!" but no, I just had superpowers.  Go me.

Like a week after that, the Teenagers From Outer Space showed up.  They're like this superhero gang from all over the galaxy and they were here to kick Klinzhai butt, and they totally asked me to join them.  Well, except for Cosmo-Lass, but she's totally jealous of my style.  And the best part?  They had a ship that could travel super fast, AND they knew how to get to Earth.  Bitchin'!

Anyway, when we got to Earth, it turned out that like a century had passed since the good Emptyvee was on.  And the stuff they play now?  It's totally not music.  But there's some cool stuff too.  Like lots of supervillain butt to kick.  And that hunky Surfer Dude guy in Westguard.  Do you have his number?


  1. ICONS is my Superhero RPG master key. It's almost the perfect way to represent characters in the genre and converts easily to other systems.

  2. I have been rather pleased with ICONS myself and go back and forth between it and M&M.