Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Deadliest Man Alive!

Yeah, this one's a little silly, but random chance gave me a competent, but completely unpowered character to work with, and I decided my Blogger avatar needed some love.

The Count
Raphael Dante

Prowess  4
Coordination  4
Strength  6
Intellect  4
Awareness  6
Willpower  4

Stamina  10
Determination  6

  Martial Arts Expert
  Area - Chinatown


  Epithet : Master of Dan-Te!
  Connections : The Black Dragon Fighting Society
  Identity : Count Raphael Dante

  Enemy : Green Dragon Society
  Social : Shameless Self-Promoter

Point Total  33

(Lifted entirely from here.  Because it's a totally awesome mix of fact and fantasy that completely does justice to the man.)

During the Spanish Civil War, the noble family of Count Dante fled the country for America, where they changed their name to forget about their homeland and escape any retribution. While he never knew Spain, the Count eventually decided to reclaim his name and his roots when his father died and he inherited the ancestral title.

The Count was an early member of the first American karate associations in the 1950s, and was a black belt by 1960, at which point he became a sensei of his own and helped found the World Karate Federation. To maintain a stable income, he continued to work as a hairdresser ; as his dojo started picking up students, he gradually stopped, though he continued working for his most famous customer - Hugh Hefner, who regularly hired him to do the hair of Playmates before they posed for Playboy Magazines. The suave, manly, confident Dante would often date the girls Hefner sent him.

Count Dante also ran a semi-successful import/export business, but it was mostly a way to pay for his extende trips in India, China, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan. Though he was originally trained in Okinawan Karate, during his trips the Count became a black belt in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Boxing, Kempo, Karate, Yawara, Boxing and Wrestling.

In the martial arts world, Count Dante was a rebel. He accepted non- white students in his dojo and among his Black Dragon Fighting Society, which he created to develop and promote his martial arts, the dreaded Dance Of Death - or Dan-Te, the Hand of Death. The Count virulently denounced other sensei for watering down martial arts when teaching them to white students, and was a strong proponent and great effectiveness in street fighting ; many said he had a morbid fascination with the deadliest and goriest techniques. This was several years before Bruce Lee made similar claims about the way Asian martial arts were taught in the West.

By that time, Count Dante was the undefeated Supreme Grand Master of the fighting arts. Count Dante had won the the World Overall Fighting Arts Championship (Master & Expert Divisions) after defeating the world's top masters of judo, boxing, wrestling, kung-fu, karate, aikido, etc. in death matches. On Aug. 1, 1967, the World Federation of Fighting Arts crowned the Count 'The world's deadliest fighting arts champion and master'.

In 1970, the Count (reportedly stinking drunk) went to the house of Muhamad Ali to shout obscenities and challenges ; what happened next is unknown.

In 1973, the Deadliest Man Alive passed audition to become a Hollywood action star, but his blows were so fast that the camera could not film them. He eventually gave up, though several stuntmen and martial artists ended up in the hospital because the Count refused to pull his blows.

In 1975. a rivalry known as the Dojo War erupted between the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Count Dante and his students eventually came to the rival dojo -- the Green Dragon Fighting Society -- for a showdown. The violence ended after the Count was arrested by the police after, while drunk, detonating dynamite he had stuck along the wall of the rival dojo ; during the fight he also gouged out the eyes of several men.

There is a persistent rumor that, in exchange for dropping his prison time, Count Dante was sent to Spain by the CIA, when the Agency decided that General Franco had outlived his usefulness. The Deadliest Man Alive secretly hit the dictator with the dreaded Dim Mak delayed death touch, and his targets died several days later. triggering a revolution.