Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Silent Witness

While I like many styles of superhero comics, I must confess a particular soft spot for big cosmic adventures.  Among the few comics I remember reading in my youth were a Fantastic Four treasury that reprinted the Galactus trilogy and some old issues of "Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes" my grandmother had picked up in a thrift store. The first comic I bought when I got into superhero games was a digest-sized treasury of some of the Legion's best stories.

Today's character fits in well with cosmic themes.  I feel it's a GMs job to populate the world with more than just a bunch of bad guys for the heroes to fight.  There should be interesting NPCs to interact with, but also genuine mysteries to unravel and strange vistas to explore.  And sometimes, even the GM shouldn't be sure of what's going on.  After all, just because it's my world doesn't mean I have all the answers.

The Witness
Real Name: Unknown

Prowess  4
Coordination  4
Strength  7
Intellect  4
Awareness  6
Willpower  4

Stamina  11
Determination  2

  Power Expert (ESP)

  Teleportation 9
  ESP 5 (Sight and Hearing)

  Motivation : To Bear Witness
  Epithet : The Silent Witness

  Personal : Will Not Take Sides
  Social : Unearthly Bearing

From the dawn of the superheroic age, she's been there.  A silent solitary figure, seemingly crafted of gold and iron, observing, witnessing the great events of superhumanity.  None knows from whence she came, or who her vigils serve.  Some claim she is a harbinger of Earth-shattering events, as she always seems to arrive on the scene at just the right time.  Others believe she is an agent of the Motive Force, that these great crises are somehow predicated on her arrival.  None knows for certain, but all know that when one called The Witness appears, the situation is grave indeed.

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