Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cestus Dei...For Reals

Sarah Oppenheim

Prowess  6
Coordination  5
Strength  6
Intellect  5
Awareness  7
Willpower  6

Stamina  12
Determination  2

  Weapons (Blades)

  Affliction 4
  Healing 4

  Identity : Grad Student
  Epithet : The Brass Knuckles of God
  Motivation : Righteousness
  Connections : The Occult Underground

  Social : Public Identity
  Personal : Rigid Sense of Righteousness and Unrighteousness
  Weakness : Immortality Does Not Work Against Unholy/Infernal Powers
  Enemy : The Nephilim

Point Total  47

Sarah Oppenheim was a graduate student at Meridian University, working on a Ph.D. in comparative Qabbalistic traditions.  While pulling an all-nighter, she fell asleep and dreamed of a battle of angels versus demons.  When she awoke, she found herself transformed into something not entirely human.  Set upon almost immediately by a band of demons, she fought them off instinctively, learning of her abilities to take and restore Life.  Realizing she could never return to her old life, she took the name Anthriel (after the Angel of Balance), using her powers to protect mankind from the vile powers of the Unrighteous.

Anthriel's sword is just a normal weapon and can be taken away, broken, or lost.  She carries it partly because it goes with her angelic theme and partly to use against foes who are immune to her Affliction power (and therefore, probably Unrighteous and inhuman).  With it, she does Strength +1 Slashing damage.

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