Friday, July 22, 2011

Horror of Horrors

Three weeks ago, I was wondering why I still had this here blog thing, especially given my lack of motivation and inability to focus on a single topic for anything resembling a useful time period. 

Two weeks ago wrote up my first ICONS character for it on a whim.

Since then, I've managed to post something daily.  With one or two exceptions, it's been a new ICONS character.  I think this is what they call momentum.  It's a pretty good feeling, all in all.  If nothing else, it's been therapeutic during a rather rough stint at work.

Here's another character.  Let me know what you think about my approach to his origin.


Prowess  5
Coordination  3
Strength  4
Intellect  5
Awareness  4
Willpower  4

Stamina  8
Determination  *

  Occult Master

  Paralysis 7
    Close Range
  Emotion Control 7 (Fear)

  Fear Itself
  Minion of Hell

  Plays With His Victims
  Cannot Abide Sanctified Ground

Point Total  42


(From ICONOGRAPHY: An Illustrated History of ICONS Comics)

The Fearmonger (or as he was labeled in his first appearance "Fear-Monger") got his start as a throwaway villain in the pages of Peerless Adventure Tales (1943), providing a threat for the six page backup story featuring Fearless Farraday, "The World's Bravest Man."  The Farraday stories were humorous adventures featuring a clueless everyman whose schtick revolved around him being so unaware of the danger around him that he seemed to be afraid of nothing.  In this particular story, Fear-Monger appears without much in the way of an introduction.  The reader is told he is a devil from the pit, a friend of Old Scratch.  He immediately sets to work, frightening the good people of the unnamed city Farraday calls home.  Of course, our hero blunders into him.  Through a series of misadventures, he manages to frustrate Fear-Monger's attempts to frighten him at every turn.  Finally, the demon throws a tantrum and vanishes in a puff of flame, releasing the citizens, who declare Fearless Farraday a hero once more.  Vanquished, Fear-Monger was consigned to the dustbin, like so many other Golden Age villains.

Until 1996.  ICONS comics had recently introduced The Revenant, who rapidly developed a strong fan following. To leverage his popularity, the editors launched a massive crossover event called "Fright Night."  The story, which affected all ICONS comics, took place over the course of a single night, wherein a mysterious master villain (later revealed to be Lord Kisin) brought forth many "Lost Souls," in actuality, long-forgotten magical villains from the ICONS back catalog who were revived in the series and set loose upon the world.  One such recipient of this remake was the now renamed Fearmonger.  Gone was his generic devilish look, replaced by a more reptilian cast to his features and bat wings.  His background and motivations were also fleshed out, revealing him to be G'rarsht, a demon devoted to the creation of fear.  He battled both the Revenant and The Hanged Man in the original "Fright Night" event and proved so popular that he became a recurring member of the former's rogues gallery.

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  1. He's a hoot, and the origin is particularly dandy.