Thursday, August 6, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 Day 6:

Most Recent Game Played

This one gets a straightforward answer:  the most recent RPG I've played was ICONS Assembled Edition.  We kicked off a new game a week ago Thursday and are looking to play every other week.

Why ICONS?  I'm glad you asked!  Originally, this was going to be an M&M game.  I bought the "Emerald City" book and wanted to run that campaign.  Unfortunately, that plan ran into a couple of complications:  player unfamiliarity with the system, my own worries about the level of preparation needed, and some niggling issues I have with the setting (namely, the Player's Guide to Emerald City is written as if the included campaign happened in the recent past and is full of potential spoilers).

ICONS, on the other hand, is something my potential crew were all familiar with.  It's also a very low-prep game for this busy GM.  And I love the crazy creativity the random character generation inspires.

Our current crop of heroes are Quake (a billionaire mining engineer with earth-control gauntlets), Mentasor (a CSI profiler with massive telekinetic powers), Jinx (a young woman possessed by Raven, the Native American trickster god), Pharaoh Ape (a Victorian archaeologists consciousness trapped in the body of an undead gorilla), and Fortune (a former Chinese spy on the road to redemption).  Last week, they foiled the Sidereal Schemes of Dr. Zodiac.  Who knows what evil they will face next?


  1. Love the system! I bought a copy from my FLGS.

  2. Love the system! I bought a copy from my FLGS.