Wednesday, August 26, 2015

RPGaDay 2015: Day Twenty Six

Favorite Inspiration For Your Game

Well, it kind of depends on the genre, doesn't it?  I mean, when I'm doing a wuxia game, mainlining Power Metal videos is probably counter-intuitive, right?  Pair the inspiration with the need, says I.

Okay, that's kind of a flippant answer, but I do have a better one for the genre I do best.

When it comes to my Supers games, for many years my primary inspiration has been animated superhero shows.

While watching "Batman: the Animated Series" on a daily basis during a period of unemployment in the mid-90s, something just clicked.  Even though I'd been running successful supers games for over a decade by that point, it was like discovering an entirely new language.  I developed what I call my "Champions: the Animated Series" approach to playing the game.  Studying the show and it's successors ("The Adventures of Superman," and my beloved "JLA"), I learned the ins and outs of how they stripped characters down to their iconic core and used that to tell stories.

Since then, pretty much every supers game I run is an animated series or movie in my head.  It's how I visualize the action, it's how I describe things.  It's my GMing vocabulary.

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  1. My game have been compared to a tv series in style.