Saturday, August 22, 2015

RPGaDay2015: Day Twenty Two

Perfect gaming environment...

Man, you've got me.  I've never found it, not 100%.  I can tell you for sure it's not in my house; the dining room is too crowded and, while my living room has comfy chairs, it lacks a central focal point.

My friend Greg has a nice sized gaming table for his Master Maze 4e game.  But it's also got space issues.

Back in my apartment-dwelling days, my living room as actually pretty good, except for one corner which was occupied by what we called "the chair of despair," so named because whoever sat in it seemed to have a bad experience during game play.

My Tuesday night crew (who I'm currently on-hold with due to work conflicts) plays on-campus at Rice University.  For several years, we had a terrific space in Herring Hall, with a huge table, lots of privacy, and chalkboards.  The negatives: parking and scheduling.  We eventually got scheduled out of it by an evening class.  We've used other rooms on campus and they're generally as nice, but I miss that one in particular.

A local acquaintance who built (and sells plans for) what he calls the Ultimate Gaming Table (it is quite nice, if utilitarian) did a full conversion of his detached garage into a gaming space.  It's quite nice, but a lot more effort/money than I could put into my hobby.  Extending the air conditioning alone would be massively expensive.  And honestly, I'm not fond of those overhead light fixtures. :)

I guess my dream game table would be something like Bilbo's dining room in The Hobbit, big but cozy, with a full-service kitchen adjacent.

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