Saturday, August 8, 2015

RPGaDay2015: Day 8

Favorite appearance of RPGs in the Media

This one will likely be an unpopular choice, because hating on the show is fairly common in nerd circles, but I'm going to say "Big Bang Theory."  Yes, they get it wrong more than they get it right, but here the thing:  my in-laws are big fans of the show.  My father-in-law is a good man, but he's a rancher who used to run a concrete business who operates an ice plant besides still running his ranch. 

(Yes, there are still people in Texas who have cattle ranches, even in the shadow of the fourth largest city in the US.)

Anyway, he likes "Big Bang Theory."  And while those D&D episodes tend to make gamers cringe, they had a very different effect on him: they led him to the realization that maybe it was OK for his intelligent, sensitive, imaginative, non-athletic grandson (my kiddo) to have a hobby that wasn't sports or being outdoors.

So, for that, TBBT gets a pass from me on their treatment of RPGs (and nerd culture at large).

The first media portrayal of an RPG that gets him to keep his room clean will surpass it though.

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