Tuesday, August 4, 2015

RPGaDay2015: Day Four

Most Surprising Game:

I'm not sure how to answer this, to be honest.  Surprising good?  Surprising bad?  Surprising product? Surprising session?

I mean, I was pleased to see D&D 5e move away from the tactical tabletop game approach of 4e, but it wasn't much of a surprise to someone who actually pays attention to the "industry."

I was surprised in a bad way when my "Young Justice" DC Adventures game at Chupacabracon didn't make.  Folks don't know what they missed with that one.

Actually, I think I've figured it out.

Revelations of Mars, for Hollow Earth Expedition.  I'm not surprised that it's gorgeous - I've come to expect that from the product line.  I'm not surprised that it's chock-full of cool ideas - I've come to expect that from them as well.

I was surprised when it turned up in my mailbox.  I backed the Kickstarter and promptly forgot at what level I'd backed it.  When the PDF arrived, I thought "Oh, cool."  A few weeks later, this gorgeous book turned up in the mail and I had a moment of, "Did I order this?"


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