Sunday, August 30, 2015

RPGaDay2015: Day Thirty

Favorite RPG playing celebrity

John Rogers.  Dude makes awesome TV shows ("Jackie Chan Adventures", "Leverage", "The Librarians").  He's a straight-up, card-carrying, proud member of the gamer nerd tribe.  He also writes funnybooks (the Blue Beetle relaunch for DC and IDW's awesome D&D comic) and occasional RPG stuff (the Feywild for D&D 4e, Crimeworld for FATE, and the forward for Feng Shui 2).

I first became aware of him on ENWorld, where he posted a long-running Dark Matter D20 actual-play called "Drunk Southern Girls With Guns."  At some point along the way, someone asked him if he was the same John Rogers that was writing "Blue Beetle," which revealed his secret identity.  Yes kids, the dude was posting on a gaming board about his personal campaign, not because he was trying to sell something, but because it's his hobby and he liked hanging out and talking about it with other hobbyists.

Dude's legitimately one of our own.

Honorable mention goes to Kurtis J. Wiebe, author of the awesome "Rat Queens" comics.  If you haven't read the Queens and you've felt a lack of foul-mouthed R-rated D&D-inspired adventure with a kickass all-female cast, then you need to catch up.  It's awesome.  Mr. Wiebe is also a gamer; he used to post on RPGnet back in the day and is currently podcasting a foul-mouthed R-rated Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game.

One more day to go.

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  1. Seriously, he did Jackie Chan Adventures? "Oooooooone more thing, Jackie!"