Sunday, August 16, 2015

RPGaDay2015: Catch Up Edition

I missed yesterday.  My wife was attending an SCA event up in the Dallas-Ft Worth area.  The Boy and I tagged along to visit some geek shops in the area, most notably Order 66 Toys in McKinney, TX (as seen in the ads in Marvel Comics).  It's a toy store devoted to nothing but Star Wars.  New stuff, old stuff, highly collectible expensive stuff.  It's amazing, and I may have spent my monthly gaming allotment on action figures. :)

So let's tackle yesterday's and today's topics:

Day 15:  Longest RPG Campaign

With my Tuesday Night Crew, I've played through two "Zeroes to Heroes" games.  The first, a Forgotten Realms 3.5 game went from 1st to 18th or 19th level.  I'm not sure about the precise chronology (sometime in the second half of 2008 until January 2010 or so, more or less weekly, with a few breaks in there).  So that's a qualifier.

We also ran a similar Pathfinder game ("Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil") which started in the fall of 2010 and ran through the spring of 2013 or so (as I recall I didn't make the grand finale).  That game was notable for one of my PCs dying.  So that was long-term and cool.

The granddaddy these days is my friend Greg's 4e game. According to my records, we started June 6, 2010, so the game is over five years old now.  It's not on a tight schedule, but we've just ticked over to Epic Tier as of our last session, so I'm betting we've got at least another year left before we hit the endgame.

Day 16:  Longest Game Session.

An eight+ hour Champions game in the summer of 1982.  We averted an alien invasion, largely through diplomacy and some pretty major bluffing.  The session was seriously roleplay heavy, and I remember we went about five hours at one stretch without rolling a die.

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