Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wherein I Am Happy To Be Beaten By An Eleven Year Old

So, as promised, I played another game of Star Wars Minis with The Boy this morning.  He's no stranger to gaming, needless to say, but he's hardly sophisticated.  Last night's game largely boiled down to his normal tactic (take a bunch of droids, including the biggest coolest weird droid he can find in the oversized figures box).  Anticipating this, I decided to teach him a lesson about predictability and put together a team largely optimized for taking out droids (lots of ion guns).  Even then, he managed to hang on until we each only had one piece left and I got a little lucky on initiative at the end.

Afterward, we talked about how I knew he was going to pick that side, mainly because we'd gotten a new crazy looking droid (something called a "Junk Golem") in one of the boosters I'd bought, so I knew that's what he was going to do.

So, this morning, he surprised me.  First, he wanted to play the good guys.  He never wants to do that.

Figuring something was up, and not feeling like doing a lot of math, I put together a little team consisting of Darth Sidious, Asajj Ventriss, a Sith Apprentice, and an Imperial Knight (if you don't know what all of these things are, ask an eleven year old).

He hit me with 150 points of Clone Troopers, including two commanders and a host of heavy weapons guys.  He outnumbered me 3 to one in terms of figures, but mine were all high defense with lots of hit points, so I figured I could whittle him down.

I figured wrong.

Someone figured out that masses of Clone Troopers were perfect for using the Combined Fire rules.  He also figured out how to use them effectively so that a +6 to-hit 13 point Trooper was suddenly a +14 to-hit on my 18-20 Defense Sith.  And just to add insult to injury, he made sure that the Trooper actually making the attacks had Double Attack, so he was getting off two shots at +14 per attack.  Every time he got a visual on one of my figures, he immediately started shooting.  The two lesser figures went down fast.  Sidious got cornered and seriously chewed up before I could get him out of the way, and while Ventriss took down three or four of his dudes, they still got to her.  Darth Wrinkles managed to take a few down with Force Lightning before they finished him off, but the outcome was never in doubt from his first shot. 

Victory to the heroic Clones, and I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. Excellent! The force is strong in that one, and I sense no fear in him.