Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bandwagon Jumping

Folks have been posting pictures of their dice all over the gameblogosphere, and who am I to buck a perfectly cromulent trend?

That's not all of them, by any mean.  There are plenty stowed away in game boxes throughout the house, but it is most of them.

At the far left is my current set of "Go Dice," the ones I use all the time, along with the black suede dice bag my brother gave me for xmas in 1980.  I've had many sets of "Go Dice" over the years, but generally, they are transparent and green.  Also in the bag is a stainless steel d20, an opaque green d20 I got from Steve Kenson when I played DC Adventures with him at GenCon last year, and a pair of d10s that came out of the old Pacesetter edition of Chill.

Next is a set of red Gamescience dice I purchased from The Colonel himself.

The enormous d20 was originally purchased to be a gearshift knob, but I never managed to put that plan into action (I was afraid of splitting it).  Just above it in the picture is a bunch of old school Gamescience d20s from back when they were numbered from 0-9 twice.  I suspect I got them from various Chaosium games, as they didn't need to go higher than 9 and used to use GS dice in their boxed sets.

South of the big d20 is a bag of Fudge dice.  The last time we played a FATE/FUDGE based game with my Tuesday group, I brought them, more than enough sets to supply the table and no one else wanted to use them.

Up by the edge of the keyboard are three tubes of Ubiquity dice, used for Hollow Earth Expedition and All For One: Regime Diabolique.  They're clever.

Moving on is a big pile of mixed polyhedrals I've accumulated over the years and keep handy for when I'm running a game and someone needs dice.  A couple of the dice my blog is named after are in there, but not all: a couple went missing and I gave one of my pink d20s to Wil Wheaton at GenCon last year.

And finally, a mondo pile of d6s.  Because you can't play the HERO System for umpteen years without accumulating a mountain of cubes.  I particularly like the clear cube with three tiny d6s in it.  I use that when I play Champions for skill and to-hit rolls.

Like I said, that's most, but not all of them.  Apart from the missing old TSR dice, I can't find a bag of green jade Crystal Caste d10s.  I also can't seem to find the bag full of black d10s I bought a while back.  I'd better find them since we're playing Adventure next week.


  1. Wow, that is a crap load of dice.

  2. @Tim: Well, I have been doing this for a long time. Also, I may have a problem. :-)

  3. That's an enormous collection of dice which has obviously been embiggened substantially over the years -- oh, and excellent usage of the word "cromulent." :)