Monday, August 1, 2011

Avast Ye Lubbers! Not!

Petr Kuyt

Prowess  3
Coordination  4
Strength  3
Intellect  5
Awareness  5
Willpower  4

Stamina  7
Determination  *

  Computers Expert
  Power (Elemental Control)

  Elemental Control Device 5 (Darkness)
  Extra Body Parts Device 3 (Claws (Strike))

  Catchphrase : "Information Should Be Free!"
  Connections : Hacker Underground

  Social : Anarchist
  Enemy : The Black Hoods

Point Total  35

Petr Kuyt comes from a long line of pirates and scofflaws.  His great-great-great-great-grandfather Dutch Jackie Kukt was hanged as a pirate in the West Indies.  The ensuing generations were barely better.  In Petr's case, his inclinations for piracy had less to do with physical goods and much more to do with information.  Petr grew up on the internet, learning the ways of hackers and off-shore data havens.  One day, he "accidentally" stumbled across the plans and shipping manifests for an experimental suit that collected and manipulated the mysterious Dark Energy that composes much of the physical universe.  Changing things so that the suit and plans showed up on his doorstep was child's play.  Figuring out how to use it took a bit more time, but once he worked it out, he took to the night skies as the Reaver, the pirate of the information age!

There was just one unfortunate downside.  It turned out the suit he stole had been previously hijacked by either the Black Hoods, or someone with enough pull to set the Black Hoods on him. Now, whenever he strikes, there's about a 50/50 chance some of their goons will turn up as well.

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