Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cold As Ice

Hey, kids! It's another ICONS character!

I decided to tie tonight's set of random power in with a character out of The Villainomicon.

Isenkrigerin, aka Lady Fimbulwinter

Prowess  4
Coordination  3
Strength  9
Intellect  2
Awareness  4
Willpower  5

Stamina  14
Determination  *

  Power Expert (Elemental Control)

  Elemental Control 6 (Cold)
  Blast 5 (Blasting)
  Life Support 8 (Cold, Breathing, Eating, Pathogens, Pressure, Sleeping, Toxins, Vacuum)

  Motivation : To Capture or Kill Rorek
  The Glacier That Walks!

  Enemy : Rorek the Ice Elf
  Vulnerable to Heat
  Personality of a Glacier

Point Total  44

When Rorek the Ice Elf (The Villainomicon, p. 92) escaped from Jotunheim, it was a grave insult to his former masters.  That he now bears the Ice Crystal Rune Sword just compounds scorn upon shame.  Hrothmir, his former master could not let this stand.  After assorted trolls, wargs, and goblins failed to capture his wayward thrall, he set about his greatest creation.  Binding a splinter from the Casket of Ancient Winters into a body carved from the deepest, coldest, purest glacial ice, he gave a semblance of life to his Isenkrigerin (Ice Warrior), and sent her forth to Midgard (Earth) to bring him back, dead or alive.

While the Isenkriegerin (dubbed "Lady Fimbulwinter" by the Olympians in their first conflict) is a relentless, remorseless foe, she (technically an it, but it looks like a woman) is not particularly bright, nor a particularly good investigator.  As a result, her first attempt to find Rorek resulted in what Meridian still refers to as The Great Summer Blizzard.  Six inches of snow fell on the Fourth of July, and stayed on the ground for three days.

Since then, she has returned on multiple occasions, often with additional minions provided by Hrothmir, but sometime teamed up with other villains whose goals may only tangentially intersect with her own.


  1. I've just been getting into Icons (and Mystery Men!) and saw your post over at Tower of Zenopus. I love your characters! Where do you go for your character illos?

  2. I use an offline copy I have of Fabrica de Herois. There's an online version of it at To get the Bruce Timm style stuff, select the "Animated" icon at the top right. Be warned: the interface (and the website) are entirely in Portuguese (the creator is Brazilian), so you'll have to play around with trial and error to get good results, but it's a fun toy.

  3. Ha! Thanks for the link. Tons of options once you get past the language barrier.