Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Late And It Was A Long Day

So I will simply repeat what has become a familiar refrain: WoTC's "Wrath of Arshadalon" is just about the perfect way to kill a few hours when you have to cancel a game session.  The replay value is outstanding.  Tonight's game felt like we were on the edge of disaster all the way through to the end.  We ended up with the entire party below half HP and out of healing surges, but we beat the bastards.


  1. Awesome. I REALLY need to invest in the new D&D board games...I think my boy and I would probably enjoy them.

  2. @Tommy: It's well worth it. I bought it to play with my son and then brought it to one of my Tuesday games when we lacked a quorum. We had so much fun that three of the guys went out and bought their own copies within a week.

  3. "A Touch of Evil" by Flying Frog Games quickly became a stand-by (and occasionally the first choice) in our group when either the whole group wasn't present, we couldn't agree on a game or the game wasn't ready for whatever reason, so I understand.

    Yeah, gonna have to check out the D&D games.