Monday, August 8, 2011


Taking a few days off to post other things did me some good, but tonight, it's back to ICONS for a good old Smilin' Stan and Jovial Jack sort of bad guy.

Professor Victor Vladislav

Prowess  4
Coordination  5
Strength  9
Intellect  2
Awareness  5
Willpower  5

Stamina  14
Determination  *

  Electronics Expert

  Paralysis 5
  Interface 5  - Can't Retrieve Information, But Can Animate Machines
  Transit 7  - Via Conductive Surfaces

  Being of Solid Electricity

  Easily Manipulated

Point Total  49

Professor Victor Vladislav was well on his way to becoming the next Tesla.  His theories of electrical transmission were nothing short of brilliant, but also more than a little unconventional.  Spurned in the Soviet Union, he defected to the USA and found himself a valued research fellow at EUREKA.  Everything seemed to be going well for him, right up to the moment a Commie saboteur cross-wired his latest experiment.  Victor threw the switch, there was a massive explosion, and all the lights in the county went out.

Save one.

A massive, brightly glowing man-shaped light that stood in Victor Vladislav's place.  None of the Professor's reason remained, only pure electric rage.  The monster left via the nearest electrical outlet, only to reappear a few miles away.  He began tearing through town, followed by a ragtag group of animated cars and construction equipment.  If not for the timely intervention of the Olympians, the Deco City would have been leveled by his fury.

Since then, Zzzyrge (as a local radio station dubbed him) has escaped custody a number of times.  While his/its intellect no longer matches its previous levels, Zzzyrge has learned to temper his rage somewhat, making him a more effective opponent.  But he is easily misled, and often used, willingly or not, as muscle by smarter villains.

(Yeah, I kind of "reskinned" Interface to turn it into a machine control power.  Zzyrge doesn't really have the smarts to do the other thing, and this seemed more appropriate.  One of the strength of ICONS is how easy it is to do such a thing.)


  1. Glad to see the break from ICONS was short lived. I love these write ups.

  2. Thanks! I enjoy doing them, but after last week's X-Men marathon session (done to get my mind off the fact I'd spent the previous three hours working remotely from home after putting in a nine hour day at the office), I needed a little break.

  3. I really enjoy reading them. Cant wait to get a game going for ICONS. Your write ups are inspiring. Might even print em and allow players to use them if that is ok? Where do you get the pics from?

  4. Yet again, you taunt me with reminders of "Zzzap, Son of Zzzax".

    *sob* *weep* *wail*

  5. @Gaming Ronin: I use an offline copy of the original Fabrica de Herois. You can access the online version here:

    Be warned, the entire site (and the tool itself) is in Portuguese. It took me a couple of hours of tooling around to get the hang of it, but it produces nice Bruce Timm style artwork, which I then grab via the Windows 7 Snipping Tool (there's lots of other screen capture techniques and tools out there, but this is the easiest for me).