Monday, August 15, 2011

Tonight, I Challenge You!

I brought work home and had to deal with it until 10 PM, so I didn't really get a chance to come up with decent content for today.  So, here's the plan: I provide you, Gentle Reader, with the raw stats, rolled at random, and you come up with a name, Specialties, Qualities, Challenges, and an Origin.  The winner (chosen by me) gets...I don't know, something.  I'll make it something decent, I promise.

(If you don't know how to create a character in ICONS or don't have an actual powers or specialties list, use some of my past entries for reference or just wing it.  That's half the fun in my book.)

Also, thanks to the Origin rolled, you get to make some additional choices as follows:

I rolled Unearthly, which is kind of the Trifecta of awesome when it comes to origins, which yields two Origins, which came up Birthright and Gimmick.  Unearthly allows you to raise any two Attributes by 2 (each).  Birthright lets you either pick an additional power, or increase the level of an existing power by 2.  Finally Gimmick allows you to increase either Intellect, Awareness, or Willpower by 2.

So lots of choices.

Here's the raw data, hot off the random generator:


Prowess  4
Coordination  5
Strength  4
Intellect  8
Awareness  4
Willpower  8

Stamina  12
Determination  1

Specialties: SELECT 4 LEVELS

  Astral Projection 2
  Binding 5
  Invulnerability 5



Go for it!

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