Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Character, But Not For ICONS

Honestly, I've not been in a supers mood lately and I was a little bummed that no one rose to my challenge last week.

Anyway, my Tuesday night group is shifting gears this week and going back to Adventure!.  "The Coming Thing" uses the standard rules, but is set in the 1890s, mostly in and around San Francisco.  My original PC for the game really didn't work out.  I envisioned a kind of creepy mad scientist thing, and it just didn't work for me (he ended up too creepy and the mental powers he had really weren't as potent as I'd hoped.  As I wasn't having much fun with him, I took my return to fencing as a way to sit out about a month of game sessions.  Unfortunately, it was too damned hot for me to get back into any semblance of shape (and still is).  So, with the group returning to the campaign, I decided to come up with a new character.

While I haven't been in the mood for supers, I have been in the mood for Wuxia and martial arts stuff.  And one of our early exploits in this campaign had a "Big Trouble in Little China" feel to it.  So, I got to thinking about that, and a couple of other things (including the inevitable comic book references that always haunt me), and here's what I came up with:

Wei Sha-Li, 64th Iron Fist

Kwai Jun-Fan, the sixty third Iron Fist was the first to travel to America.  He died in a small west Texas town in 1878.

His successor, Wei Sha-Li, was expressly forbidden to follow in those particular footsteps.  Until Pan Lo surfaced in the wicked city of San Francisco.

As Iron Fists go, Wei Sha-Li is typical.  Raised an orphan in the mystical city of K'un L'un.  Chosen after strenuous training he fought the great dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, and received the brand of the Iron Fist.  He is fairly new to the role and his powers will likely develop as he gains experience and learns to further unlock his Chi.

(Oh, and he's 28, and every Iron Fist in living memory died on his or her 33rd birthday.  It's kind of a thing.)

Origin: Defender
Allegiance: K'un-L'un and Its Allies
Virtue: Caregiver (Gain Willpower when you receive tangible proof you have helped another)
Vice: Expert (Spend Willpower to resist any opportunity to show off your prowess)

   Backing 2 (Ordo Ordem Potentias)
   Cipher 1
   Followers 2 (hastily gathered mob of lackeys)
   Nemesis 2 (Pan Lo?)

Inspiration 1
Facets: Reflective 1, Destructive 0, Intuitive 0

Willpower 7

Walk Speed: 10m
Run Speed: 17m
Sprint Speed: 75m

Initiative 9 (8 base +1 w/XP)

Bashing Soak: 3
Lethal Soak: 0

  The Iron Fist: Punch does Str+4 Bashing, Requires 1rd concentration, costs 1 WP.

   Lightning Reflexes: All Initiative die rolls are a minimum of 4.

   One-Man Army: Take no penalties for fighting multiple foes. Receive +1D for each additional foe after
   the First, max +4, hand to hand only.

   Untouchable: If begins the fight without a ranged weapon, opponents get a +1D penalty to hit with ranged

   A Single Bound: Triple all jumping and leaping results.

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