Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#RPGADAY Day Three

Character moment you are proudest of

I don't have a lot of specific character moments that stick with me, to be honest. My characters are typically the stalwart support rather than the star of the show. In comics terms, the guy who's always in a team book but never has a solo title. It's something I'm good with.

There was the time my superhero Spectrum outwitted an entire star empire, bluffing them into believing he was an advance agent of an even bigger star empire. But that was a team effort.

There was the time when Troubadour, another one of my characters, decided to hang up the tights and hit the road with his lady-love, "To see America. The REAL America," which was fun because I got to retire him outright.

There was that time when Pseudolus, my 4e Bard used successfully taunted a fungus.

Val, my Sunite Paladin, had a number of remarkable moments slaying dragons and dispatching demons. He even had to stand in judgment of Lathander for that god's role in the Dawn Cataclysm. But all of those were with his boon companions and not his moment alone. Probably his best was rescuing his fiancee from the Cult of the Dragon and turning their home into the greatest Sunite sanctuary on the Sword Coast. Since I'm the sort of player who likes his characters to leave a real mark on the world, let's go with that one.

Notable, but not necessarily pride-inducing were the antics of Einar, an alcoholic dwarf berserker (Barbarian) in a Greyhawk-based Pathfinder game. He had a few memorable moments in his very short life.  For instance, in the first adventure, we found a wall in a dungeon that was obviously concealing something. As everyone else was trying to figure out what to do, Einar said (very politely, he was very polite when sober) "Excuse me, sirs. I has a pick. Am a dwarf."  When later in the same dungeon we found ourselves with a captive, Einar piped up, "Excuse me, sirs. I has shackles. Mean drunk."

In a later adventure, he charged two Ogres while raging. I forgot about their reach and an opportunity attack critted, dropping him out of rage, which nearly killed him. The party had to spend a ton of resources keeping him alive, while finishing off the ogres. Einar's recollection was that he saw the ogres, saw red, and when he came out of it, they were both dead, so he always took credit for it.

Einar met his end defending his friends from a party of lycanthropes armed with multiple magic weapons. He suffered multiple grievous wounds, which combined with dropping out of range to take him to immediate death. In accordance with his religious beliefs, he was not raised. He died as he lived, angry and on the floor of a tavern.

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