Thursday, August 4, 2016


It's day one of GenCon, but I'm not at GenCon. I spent the morning in a mandatory training, and the afternoon driving around in 100f degree weather deploying printers to various sites. So, no time to write until now.

Today's topic is Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did, and it's a real no-brainer for me.  In fact, it's a story I've shared before. Because my kid is awesome.

Hyperion was a re-hash of Hero-Man for an ICONS game I was running. I needed a brick, and I always liked the conceit of the hero who was secretly a robot. I even listed that as one of his Complications.  My son was playing in this game and it was his first convention session playing with adults, so I included him with my boy in mind, in that he was 1) powerful, 2) easy to play. Little did I guess how he’d grasp the subtleties of the rules as quickly as he did.

Here's the situation: the heroes were basically fighting a Cthulhu analog as he rose from the briny deep. They were beaten down, out of options, and (more importantly) out of Determination, the currency ICONS runs on. They were talking among themselves, trying to figure out what to do when the boy said, “Wait. I know how to beat him. I’m going to fly as fast as I can and slam into it with everything I’ve got. It can’t kill me…because I’M SECRETLY A ROBOT!”  This admission earned him a point of Determination, which he used to perform a stunt combining his ranks in Strength with his Flight speed. I ruled that he would suffer half the damage he caused, almost certainly tearing off his outer covering. He hit, the Elder Horror went down, and his secret was exposed.

He even got quoted in ICONS Assembled (right at the bottom of page 29). Thanks, Steve!

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