Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#RPGADAY 2016 Day Two

Today's topic is Best Game Session Since August 2015

I like the fact that these questions aren't just a rehash of the previous years'.  Unfortunately, the past twelve months haven't been great for me on the gaming front.

Last fall, I ran some ICONS, but after the third or fourth session, life got in the way with my son spending a week in the hospital and the rest of the group having issues. 
I stopped playing with my Tuesday night crew because I've burned out on Pathfinder. To their credit, my guys were very understanding about it and made it clear I'm welcome back when I want to come back.

The 4e D&D game has been on hiatus while the DM tries to sell his house and move. As it was, we were starting to feel the pain points of high-level 4e in a big way (we're 22nd level now).

So I've been limited to one-shots this year, mostly at conventions, apart from a playtest of FFG's Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, which was fun.  Looking at those, I played four RPGs (Feng Shui 2, Night's Black Agents, Boot Hill, and ICONS), and ran four RPGs (Mutants & Masterminds, Honor + Intrigue, Stormbringer, and Champions 4e).  Of those, I think I was happiest with the Stormbringer game I ran at NTRPGCon. The players were really on the same page with each other and me, the action moved crisply and things never really bogged down.  I'm super proud with the way I juggled everything in the Champions session (not to mention the thrill of getting to GM for Steve Perrin), but Stormbringer was really my standout session for the year.

Here's hoping the next twelve months make this a harder choice.

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