Friday, August 12, 2016


What Game Is Your Group Most Likely To Play Next, and Why?

Define next. Define group.

I'm on an extended (and completely amicable) break from my Tuesday night crew. Part is due to other obligations, but most of it is their heavy investment in Pathfinder. Currently the "A Game" is the final stages of "Rise of the Runelords," a campaign I played in for a considerable time, while the "B Game" a different adventure path, something having to do with winter. I played in a few sessions of that one, which was kind of when my exhaustion with Pathfinder really became apparent.

For the time being, Pathfinder is the only thing on the menu. There's discussion of other games (and I've mentioned a few I'd be willing to run), but until "Runelords" is done, there's not going to be serious discussion of anything else.

My Sunday group is on hiatus due to our DM having other commitments on his time. I offered to run something at my place (probably D&D 5e), though I haven't gotten sufficient buy-in from the players to put anything on the schedule. If I do go that way, I'd hope to use 5e to facilitate an old-school play approach, something my 5e folks don't have a lot of exposure to. I'm thinking about converting the dungeon out of the Holmes Basic box as a starting point.

In the meantime, I'm most likely to play FFG's "Rebel Assault" with my son this weekend. I bought it a few weeks ago and need to figure out how it's played.

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