Sunday, August 14, 2016

#RPGADAY Day Fourteen

Your dream team of people you used to game with?

Interesting question. I don't know about a "dream team," but there are folks I gamed with in the past I'd love to sit down at the same table with again.

Chris Hall was one of my early Champions GMs, as well as a player in some of my games back in the early 80s. We lost touch for the better part of thirty years and have only recently reconnected. He doesn't play games anymore, which is a pity.

Charlie Russell was a regular in my San Antonio games and always fun to have around. We've lost touch altogether, which truly sucks, because I think he'd dig Feng Shui.

Kyle Bennick was one of the first gamers I met when I moved to Houston. He's still in the area, though in Houston terms, "in the area" means he lives about sixty miles away. He's also got two young twins, so I don't think he's doing much gaming anymore.

Mason Hart used to be part of my Tuesday crew, and our gaming styles were pretty sympatico (especially compared to the tactically heavy approach that predominates in that group). When his second kiddo was born, he dropped out of the Tuesday crew, though he still plays with another group.

I miss playing regularly with my wife, Jane. Over the last ten years, she developed significant anxiety regarding math, which seriously impacts her ability to enjoy RPGs. We've come up with a few work-arounds, but it's not where her interests are now, and I understand.

Last, I've got say Aaron Allston. Because he'd still be around. :(

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