Saturday, August 6, 2016


Most Amazing Thing A Game Group Did For Their Community

Another weird one to my eyes. One of my groups? Something I heard about? I don't know quite where to go with this, so I'm just going to take a stab in the dark.

Chupacabracon in Austin has an annual tradition called "Saturday Night Savages." It features multiple Savage Worlds games GMed by some very notable SW writers, all happening at the same time.

One of Chupacabracon's other customs is the "Charity Re-Roll" bucket. Each table has a bucket that folks can drop money in to buy a re-roll for a dollar.  All proceeds go to a local charity that makes sure underprivileged kids get meals outside of school (a serious problem in the US, I'm sad to say). Great cause.

Because re-rolls aren't really a thing in SW, the GMs decided among themselves they would let players buy a Bennie for a dollar.  It's probably worth noting the SW community is a pretty tight-knit group, and the writers/GMs might have a bit of a friendly competitive streak.  This led to multiple game being more or less wrecked by an abundance of Bennies (seriously, I one-shotted the boss monster in the game I played, AND had enough oompf left over to veto the GM's attempt to nullify my result) by each table trying to outdo the other. Something like $600 was raised for the charity in the course of four hours, a record at the con. And everyone had a blast.

I know there are lots of bigger deals, but that's one I actually participated in.

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