Thursday, August 11, 2016

#RPGADAY Day Eleven

Which gamer that you have played with has most affected the way that you play?

I'm gonna cheat here, because I only played with this person twice, but his impact on my gaming was incalculable.  That person would be Aaron Allston.  I was lucky enough to GM a couple of Champions games he played in back in '92.  We had fun, and he was a blast to have at the table.  

Of course, his impact on me came from his work as a game designer. His Strike Force is still the Gold Standard for showing how to run a supers game.  Of course, his influence extends beyond Champions. He wrote "The Grand Duchy of Karameikos" for D&D's Mystara, one of my favorite adventure settings. His "Dungeon Master's Design Kit" is a brilliant (and underrated) step-by-step guide to creating adventures and campaigns. He also compiled the D&D Rules Compendium, no mean feat.

So, a bit of a cheat, but an honest one.

Honorable Mention goes to HERO guy, L. Douglas Garrett, who ran the "Justice, Inc." game that showed me how to run games in a cinematic fashion.

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