Wednesday, June 17, 2015

That Challenge Thing, Day Whatever...

I'm not making as much headway on the whole Mind Games thing as I'd like.  We had a tropical storm hit the area, which meant missing a day's work, which meant rejiggering my work to deal with it.  Also, my son started an internship at my office, which is really cool, but it also means my morning and evening drive times (when I tended to think about what I had to say on CE) are no longer exclusively my own.

Anyway, here's today's D&D Challenge entry.  It's less taxing.

Day Six: Favorite Deity...

Hmmm...I guess Elminster would be a crass answer, and honestly, I don't really care for the old goat.

I really don't have a favorite D&D deity to be honest.  I tend to pick them based on the needs of my characters.  My favorite gaming gods are all over in the Gloranthan pantheon (RuneQuest or HeroQuest).  If that counts, Humakt. Or the Storm Bull.

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