Friday, June 19, 2015

Surprise Acquisition

As you might have gathered, I own a lot of 4th edition stuff for Champions.  Most of it had been relegated to storage after I adopted 5th edition, and when I started pulling things out after the Classic Enemies project got me fired up, I discovered something truly awful: I can't find my original BBB.  I've got a copy of Champions Deluxe, which, to be fair has all the errata included and a useful index, but it also has Frostburn instead of Icicle, and that terrible illustration for Powerhouse.  Those may seem to be minor inconveniences to you, and they are.  But I really hate losing things I should have, as my garage expedition to find my non-missing copy of Different Worlds #30 should amply illustrate.

Anyway, this evening I happened into my local Half-Price Books and took my usual quick glance at the RPG section.  Staring back at me from all the D&D 4e books, was this:

It's the paperback version of the BBB, which I'd forgotten they even made.  It's a bit worn, but entirely intact.  And now my collection is a bit moreso as well.


  1. I was looking for a spare BBB about 7-8 years ago and found the softcover reasonably priced on Ebay. Heck, I never even knew there was a s/c! :)