Thursday, June 18, 2015

Presenting, MIND GAMES

Alright, enough procrastinating, let's get on with the show here.  It's time to get back on track.

Scott Heine's Mind Games (product #402) was published in 1989, as part of the initial wave of support for Champions 4e (in fact, immediately after the GM's Screen). While it's not exclusively a one-man show, it was both written and illustrated by Scott Heine (who wrote probably my favorite 3e adventure, "To Serve and Protect").  The cover is credited to someone named Spyder. 

Billed as "An Organization Book for Champions," Mind Games focuses on PSI, the Parapsychological Studies Institute, a villainous organization consisting entirely of mentalists. It packs a ton of information into its 48 pages, providing a rationale for mental powers, a history of PSI, an overview of its current organization and operations, most of a page on group combat tactics, and three pages devoted to running PSI and a mentalist-focused campaign.  And that's just the first ten pages!

The Equipment and Headquarters chapter provides us with eight gadgets, a vehicle, a dedicated computer, and a sample base (with map). It's not fancy, but it's a terrific time-saver for a GM.

After that, we roll into characters.  Mind Games provides full write-ups of thirteen villains, along with another six "students," and PSI's founder, Dr. Sebastian Poe. We'll be covering them all in the coming days.

The book closes out with two mini-adventures (or full adventures, if you're me) and three adventure seeds.  More on those in a later entry.

So, that's a preview of the coming days and weeks.  Hopefully, it'll go as well as the last one.

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  1. Ah... Mind Games. So many memories...

    If you end up covering specific characters, remind me to tell you about the editing comments from Rob Bell for one specific villain. Truly epic.