Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bonus Champions Material: Mechassassin vs Deathstroke!

Back when I wrote up Mechassassin, I compared him to DC's Deathstroke the Terminator.  Now that I'm done with the Classic Enemies read-through, I figured I'd finally compare the two in the only way that matters: their individual writeups.  First up, let's refresh:

Mechassassin is Craig Vandersnoot, once a rising star in the US Army.  Unfortunately, his extracurricular activities acting on behalf of organized crime groups came to light.  When he was drummed out of the service, KRONOS, a high-tech criminal enterprise, provided him with a high-tech battlesuit, which he conveniently escaped with when UNTIL raided them.

Since then, he's set himself up as a freelance bodyguard and assassin.  He particularly likes taking down superheroes, in order to prove his superiority.  He's a jerk.

Deathstroke the Terminator is Slade Wilson. Like Mechassassin, he started off in the military, but his origin is due to biomedical experimentation.  The mutations caused by the experiments granted him genius-level intellect, and augmented his already elite military skills with increased reflexes and senses. He's also responsible for one of my favorite comics arcs of all time: The Judas Contract.

So, how do they stack up?  Here's the tale of the tape:


STR  35
DEX 27
CON 40
INT 18
EGO 15
PRE 30
COM 14
PD 8
ED 8
REC 10
END 40

25 Points of Martial Arts (Maneuver-Based)
+3 DC with all attacks
Endurance Reserve
Wrist Slashers: 3d6 HKA +1 Stun Mult
Electric Pistol: 10d6 AP EB (not vs Resistant Defense) (6 charges)
Steel Cable:  6d6 Entangle
12d6 Explosion (3 charges)
4½d6 NND (Gas Attack) (2 charges)
Darkness 6” radius vs sight, sound, mental senses (3 charges)
Armor +12 PD and ED
Shield: Armor +12 PD and ED, Act 14-
Life Support: Self Contained
Hi-Range Radio Hearing
Floodlight: Change Environment, Radius
Amplifier:  Change Environment, Radius

Language: German (Fluent)
Science: Mechanical Engineering 12-
Security Systems 13-

STR 25
DEX 30
CON 28
INT 30
EGO 14
PRE 25
COM 20
PD 15
ED 15
REC 12
END 56

25 Points of Martial Arts (Strength-Based)
Sword: 3d6 HKA
Assault Rifle: 2d6 RKA, Selective Fire (20 charges)
Battle Stick: 4d6 RKA (1 charge)
Battle Stick: 7d6 EB (physical)
Frag Grenade: 5d6 RKA, Explosion (1 charge)
Smoke Grenade: 4” radius Darkness (1 charge)
Gas Grenade: 8d6 NND EB (1 charge)
Flash Grenade: 4d6 Flash (1 charge)
Armor: +12 PD and ED
Lack of Weakness
Ego Defense (11 pts)
Flash Defense (8 pts)
Swinging: 20”
Parabolic Hearing
Hi-Range Radio Hearing
Discriminatory Smell
Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Hearing

Acrobatics 15-
Stealth 15-
Disguise 15-
Security Systems 15-
Climbing 14-
Detective Work 15-
Computer Programming 15-
Luck 2d6
+4 Overall Levels

It's worth noting that Deathstroke comes in at 630 points by Champions II/III standards (and I think he's a little underpowered).  Mechassassin is 538, so he's already working from a deficit.  He's stronger than Slade, and can probably hit him harder, but Deathstroke is faster and harder to hit.  Deathstroke lacks Life Support, so Mechassassin's best bet would be to use his gas attack, except the best damage a 4½d6 NND can do is 27 Stun, which still comes in under Slade's CON, meaning he won't be stunned by it, allowing him to then put further hurt on Mr. Vandersnoot.

In short, it doesn't look good.  I'm sure there are permutations where Mechassassin wins (and I'm sure dedicated Champions players will find them), but my money is on Deathstroke.

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