Thursday, June 4, 2015

Classic Enemies: Twaaaaang!

Sorry for the delays, folks.  I had a couple of problems this week, namely getting my car rear-ended.  I was already bummed about missing NTRPG Con, but now that I'm currently car-less, I guess I couldn't have gone anyway.  But, enough about me, let's talk about one of the most versatile villains in all of Classic Enemies.

Rainbow Archer, created by Nick Smith, easily possesses the largest and most diverse Multipower in the book: eleven slots.  Not only that, but she also illustrates how incredibly cost-effective a character built with lots of Power Limitations can be:  This eleven slot Multipower (Electrical Blast, Entangle, Sight Flash, Sonic Flash, Darkness, Penetrating Stun Blast, Knockout Gas, Explosion, Killing Attack, Affects Desolid, Invisible to Sight Attack), built with Obvious Accessible Focus and Charges on every slot, clocks in at a mere 52 points.  Which allows her a spectacular DEX of 35 and +5 Combat Levels (Yes, that translates to an OCV of 17), plus Find Weakness on an 11-.  If she were a player character, I'd probably veto her on the spot.  But as a much fun.

Especially given her flamboyant, free-wheeling personality.  Her motivation is straight up greed.  She was a star competitive archer whose reputation was ruined, so she decided to go into crime.  It's not deep, but it's easy to play with.  She's not a killer (even if she does sport a nasty RKA), and won't play nice with the bigger bads of the universe.  But she'll happily hire on for high-end robberies, where the sheer versatility of her quiver ensures she's got something on tap for just about any threat.

Also, her costume is great.  Robin Hood green hood and boots, over an iridescent bodysuit that changes colors depending on how the light hits it.  Heck, I'd probably use her even if I didn't like her powers.

Apart from the obvious hire arrow gambit, she can also serve as a foil for an archery-based hero.  Because of her competitive past, it's not hard to interpret her Overconfidence as a massive need to show she's the best.  And who better to show up than some do-gooder who thinks he's William Tell?  She made Orion the Hunter's life miserable for years in one of my early games.  Epic stuff.

Next time, I think I'll wrap up the few remaining miscellaneous baddies, leaving one or two big guns to finish up on.

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  1. Loove It since I used to have the Book[4th ed]