Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Favorite Place

I can't help but notice that my D&D Thirty-Day Challenge posts pass by without comment.  I'm not entirely surprised, honestly.  For those of you wanting more classic Champions content, fear not! I'll be taking on a new product later this week.

Today's topic is my favorite game world.  For that, I have to no further than my computer wallpaper: an enormous map of Faerun.

Yes, I'm an elf-loving, paladin-playing Forgotten Realms fanboy.  Deal with it.

To be honest, I hold Greyhawk in very nearly equal esteem, but the Realms are my fantasy comfort food.  I got in on them at the ground level with the original Grey Box, and that's still my favorite incarnation of the setting. It still feels open and dangerous and unpredictable, even after nearly thirty years of piled on canon.  Is it perfect?  Hardly.  But it's the setting I've had the most fun playing D&D in over the years, the one I'm most likely to return to in the future.


  1. I jumped into FR at the same time, and there was so much content in those grey books. I was lucky enough to get mine signed by Ed Greenwood.

  2. That is still an outstanding item on my list of "to-be autographed" stuff. One day, I hope.