Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm about 500 words into my first pass on "Caravan of Flowers," the Barbarians of Lemuria adventure I'm running for OwlCon.  As such, I'm now at the point where my inner conversation has shifted from "What happens next, and why?" and to "Yeah, yeah, got it.  Do I really need to write that down?"

This is also what I refer to as "the hard part."  See, I'm great at coming up with ideas, and I can flesh them out on a whim, as long as I'm not having to translate them into words on paper (or screen).  When I wrote "Sins of the Past," the biggest challenge was turning a set of notes that are perfectly useful for my GMing purposes (less than 1000 words, the entire thing fitting on one sheet of paper, apart from NPCs) into something a person paying for the product could use without feeling ripped off (about 10,000 words and thirty pages of manuscript).  Granted, the final product certainly made the work worth it, but it was far from easy.

Granted, these notes are only for my use and don't need to be nearly so detailed.  But, if I DON'T write at least some of the salient details down, I know I'll end up tripping myself up come the actual game. So, I guess I need to put the internet down and get some more work done.

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  1. Put the mouse down, back away from the Internet and nobody gets hurt.