Friday, December 17, 2010

Gaming Over The Holidays?

In about two hours, my holidays begin in earnest.  I'm off next week, working four days between Christmas and New Years Day (which are historically pretty low-impact), and then off the week after that.  So, at total of four work days in the next three weeks or so.

In that time, I've got to get some writing done, but I'm also hoping to get some gaming in along the way.  My regular groups are both on hold until after the holidays, but I still have some prospects.  Specifically, I'm hoping to finally play "Battles of Westeros" and possibly "Legacy of the Unconquered Sun."  The final weekend of my time off features a trip up to Fort Worth to visit friends who are big on board games, so I'm thinking if I take them with me, I might be able to scare up some players.

How about you?  Are the holidays a time for more or fewer gaming opportunies?


  1. Man, I'm down for the count until January 2. Happy Holidays, brother!

  2. Hope you get some good writing in. I've only gamed a bit with Tim, so I can't answer. But as for writing, I write generally the same amount each week of the year, regardless of holidays. Unless ... I'm on Halloween Stay-cation, then I took off from the day job and the writing. THAT was fun.

    Happy Holidays.