Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Budget Minis!

So, today I decided to drive into Houston to buy comics, and, since I was in the area, check out the nearby Target to see if they had any cheap Star Wars Minis boosters.  They did.  A bunch, in fact.  At anywhere from 40-50% off original list price.  I bought a bunch.  Not the entire bunch, but probably half of what they had left, a more or less equal distribution of the Clone Wars, Galaxy at War, Jedi Academy, and Legacy of the Force sets.

The Boy and I spent about two hours this afternoon unpacking and sorting them.  He's in his room refreshing himself on the rules so we can play tomorrow.  I guess it's either an early xmas present for him, or a late birthday gift (he turned 11 last Friday), but it's as much a present for me, since this is something we both enjoy, and should I ever run a SW game, more minis is a good thing.


  1. Nice man. Be sure to take a pic of the assembled forces!

  2. I meant to take a picture of the pile of still in their little plastic baggies figures and the stack of cards, but my Blackberry was in the other room, and at my age, if I spend more than about five minutes sitting on the floor, I'm pretty much glued in place. I do know we doubled or tripled our collection in one go and managed to get a couple of really cool figs. I'll take pictures tomorrow when we're playing.

  3. This is a great post. I enjoyed reading it. And what a bargain. Fantastic. Happy Gaming.