Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'd Best Get To Writing

Last night, I found out my Barbarians of Lemuria round for Owlcon has already filled via pre-registration, and my DC Adventures game is half-full, meaning both games should "make," if all the players show.

Having playtested BoL, I know what I'm going to change up for the con session.  DCA is still a bit more nebulous and stuck in my head plot-wise, but that's not entirely atypical at this stage in my creative process. I know who the major bad guy is, and I know what he wants.  I just need to figure out what he's going to do to get it, who's going to help him, and who specifically will stand in his way.  Then, you know, actually write it all up.


  1. I hope you get that written up. Good luck and Happy Writing.

  2. Thanks! I'm not too worried about it. At this point (a bit more than six weeks out from the con), most of my rounds are, at best, ill-formed things. Panic is always my best motivator for getting a project into shape.