Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Would Make A Lousy D&D Adventurer

I'd probably make a lousy player character in any genre, but in a fantasy setting, I think I'd be extra-useless.  Yeah, I used to be a pretty competent fencer, back before my knees and ankles went south, but even in my prime, I had zero long-term endurance.  I'm horribly near-sighted, and worst of all, I suffer from chronic migraines.

Unless the magic system works in a 32-bit Windows environment, I'm not going to be much of a wizard either.

(The above is what happens when I spend the entire day laid out on my back with a throbbing headache.)


  1. You wouldn't be extra-useless; adventuring parties always need a trap detector (setter-offer).

    So you'd be useful. At least once...

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  3. My surviving a fantasy-world childhood would've only been possible through the likes of, say, Bigby's Incredible Inhaler or Mordenkainen's Awesome Arch-Supports.