Friday, December 30, 2011

Seeking Inspiration

I've been off work for nearly two weeks now.  Unfortunately, my planned work on the Old-School Hero project only amounted to about 1.000 words, as I've had too many family commitments and other distractions to pay any real attention to it.

And now, I'm trying to get myself to focus on the Feng Shui adventure I need to run in early February.  Ideally, I want to playtest it on the 15th, if I have it ready.  The hard part is getting myself into the right headspace.  Typically, I seem to come up with the right idea at the 11th hour, but this year, I think I'm going to need to do a bit more preparation than in past years.  When I used FS to run my "Heroes of the New Wave" games, it was pretty easy to cast the game with archetypes that didn't use some of the game's more fiddly bits, like Kung Fu Powers, Arcanowave Devices, and Magic.  But this is supposed to be the full-on Feng Shui experience, so I really need to make sure things are set up to accommodate it and still be accessible to new players.

Since these elements introduce resource tracking, I'm thinking about making character-specific "play mats:"  sheets that include all their special abilities along with a place to track whatever resource is used to power them (probably with Pente stones or poker chips).  The gun-bunnies could use theirs to track ammo expenditures.

Of course, this requires additional work, which means I need to nail down the PCs, which in turn means figuring out why they're in this adventure.  Which means getting the damned thing plotted out.

In the meantime, I'm mainlining DVDs and hoping my muse will kick in.

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