Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting The Year Right

One of the annual highlights of Owlcon is the Master Maze D&D tournament.  My regular Sunday DM, Greg, is the proud owner of more Master Maze scenery and D&D minis than good sense.  Every year, he creates an event wherein two parties compete in parallel dungeons (not always identical, but always very close and equal challenges) before proceeding to a final round.  All using Master Maze stuff where every creature, every physical element, every piece of furniture is represented in miniature.

Since this is a competitive event, it's important that the encounters, characters, etc. be playtested.  That's when folks like me, who get to play with Greg all the time, come in.  Today a couple of us descended on his place, forsaking other New Years' Day rituals, in order to roll dice and slay monsters.  And for good measure, I brought my son along.  It was his first chance at playing a 10th level character (an archer ranger) and he wreaked havoc among the monsters we faced.

Dice were thrown, pizza was consumed, the multiverse remains safe.

Hell of a way to kick of 2012.


  1. I also creeped The Boy out with a Peter Lorre voice for my spooky stabby rogue.

  2. The session was full of win: playtesting went very successfully, and both Bretz gents had an uproariously good time. Glad y'all could make it and that you enjoyed yourselves.