Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blowing Up Hong Kong On Less Than (HK)$388.63 A Day

So, Owlcon is coming up.  Unlike previous years, I've had no idea what to run.  I even considered just paying my admission and (gasp!) playing games run by other people.  But honestly?  That's just not me.

With pre-registration opening up at the end of the week, I realized time wasn't on my side.  So, I decided to go with what works.  Of my three really memorable Owlcon games, two of them have used Feng Shui.  Warts and all, it's my go-to action game, and I find my best convention games are all about action from start to finish.  But unlike my previous games, I'm planning on running this one more or less "straight."  No "Heroes of the New Wave" this time.  Nope, this is going to be pure Hong Kong action cheese featuring as much of FS's signature insanity (Ancient Eunuch Sorcerers from the past, Demonic Scientists from the future, Kung fu Badasses, Triad Gunmen, Gorilla Cyborgs, and things that go boom) as I can fit into a four-hour slot.*

And, of course, the entire thing must be presented in glorious Shawscope.

*Actually, two four-hour slots.  I'm running this one twice.


  1. I am an old time gamer back from the days of AD&D recently moved to Houston and I am looking for a game. Are you looking for players?

  2. Hi, Matthew:

    At the moment, Real Life has prevented me from running...well, anything since last spring really. I am looking to do something in the new year, though I haven't gotten past the wanting to stage yet.

    However, I am fairly well-connected when it comes to local gamer types and might be able to point you to someone looking for players. What part of town are you in and how far are you willing to drive to game?

  3. Thanks for answering my plea. I live in Bellaire, and as far as driving; that would depend on the game and the players.

  4. A perfectly reasonable answer. I know a couple of inner-loop gamers (used to live in Bellaire myself). I'm now down in Pearland, so that's not too heinous. If you want to contact me off the blog, drop me a line at tbretz AT gmail DOT youknowtherest.

    I definitely recommend checking out Owlcon. It's a great little con devoted entirely to gaming (as in, the gaming is a far bigger draw than guests or the vendor room). However, there are some good guests this year, including Keith Baker, so that's nothing to sneeze at.